Prices & Quotes

We don’t include the pricing of our vehicles on our site because the prices change a lot due to a number of factors. The vehicle you choose, the day of the week, the time of the year and more. We know that everyone has a budget and we try to make it affordable for everyone. We will describe how you can get the best service for your money.

Our least expensive days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Scheduling your event on one of these days would save you some money. Saturday is our most expensive day and it is our most demanded day. Friday and Sunday are in the middle but are also in high demand. If you can choose the day you want to hold your event, holding it on a weekday will save you the most money.

We do also offer a wedding package. It is 3.5 hours of service during the day. It includes decorations for the interior and exterior of the bus, red carpet service, ice and cups, bottled water, a “Just Married” sign or bride and groom name sign and memories to last forever.

There are no hidden fees with us. You will be informed upfront of all potential charges you may come across. If you decide that you want to go over the time you reserved, you can! You will be charged every 15 minutes at the same hourly rate, so you never pay for time your don’t use.

The best way to get the price is to give us a call. We will be happy to answer any and all questions so that you feel comfortable in making the reservation. Call when you have the date to ensure you get what you want.